What times are available for routine appointments?
» We schedule routine appointments from 9 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday.

Are you open on the weekend?
» Yes – we are open every weekend including holidays. We are open 364 days a year, closing only on Christmas Day. Our switchboard opens at 9am on Saturdays and Sundays to schedule appointments for acute illnesses only.

Do you accept walk-in patients?
» All of our patients are seen by appointment only. If you have a sick child that needs to be seen, please call us as soon as possible. Our switchboard opens at 8:00 a.m. Monday thru Friday, and 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ve made an appointment for one child, but I think my other child might need to be seen as well. Can I schedule more than one appointment?
» We are better able to minimize your time and the waiting time of all other patients by knowing exactly how many patients need to be seen. We are happy to schedule multiple appointments. If you have more than one child that needs to be seen, please tell the appointment clerks when you schedule your appointment so that we can allot the appropriate amount of time for each visit.

If both of my children are seen on the same day, will I have a co-pay for each child?
» Your insurance policy demanded that co-pays be assessed for each patient for each visit, so you will have a co-pay for each child seen. Be aware that insurance policies require that we collect co-pays at each visit. Please be prepared to pay your co-pay at the time your child(ren) are seen.

What happens if I miss my appointment?
» If you’re unable to keep a scheduled appointment, we ask that you provide us with 24-hour notice so we may open that appointment up for another patient. If appropriate notice is not provided, a $25.00 no-show fee will be charged.

Are you accepting new Medicaid patients?
» We are not accepting any new Medicaid patients, regardless of whether the coverage is primary or secondary. If you are an existing patient and your coverage (whether primary or secondary) switches to Medicaid, we will no longer be able to see you. Patients with Medicaid can contact Johnson Health Center 434-455-3260 or www.jhcvirginia.org

I’m having a new baby. How do I get my baby assigned to your group?
» When you arrive at the Labor & Delivery unit at the hospital, the nurses will ask you who you want the baby’s pediatrician to be. Simply ask for F. Read Hopkins Pediatrics or the specific pediatrician you want, and we’ll see you in the hospital.

What commercial insurance plans do you participate with?
» We are participating providers with Anthem, Aetna (not HMO), Cigna, Piedmont Community Health Plan, Optima, Southern Health, and United Healthcare. Please be aware that carriers offer many different health plans, and you should always check with your plan to make sure we are participating providers. Always bring your insurance card with you to each appointment so we can verify your coverage.

I have a form that needs to be completed. Is there a charge for that?
» If you bring your forms with you to a scheduled appointment, there is no charge. However, if forms are presented for completion outside of an appointment, there is a fee of $5.00 for each form ($20 for FMLA and DMV forms). We ask that you allow 48 hours for form completion and payment is expected prior to the forms being picked up. Please bring your identification when you come to pick up your forms. Effective 6/1/11, our fees will increase to $10.00 per form ($25.00 for FMLA and DMV forms).

I need to get a copy of my child’s records. Is there a charge for that?
» There is a charge for processing record requests. Processing charges vary depending on the reason for the request – please ask for a cost estimate when the request is made.

Can I pay a bill online?
» We have available for your convenience the ability to pay your bill online. Please click on the yellow "Pay Online" link on the top left hand corner. Please contact us at 434-455-5286 if you have any questions or need assistance.

What are your policies for treating children with ADD or ADHD?
» Patients with ADD/ADHD need to be seen in the office for regular follow up every 6 months. All of our physicians require a parent or legal guardian to come to these visits so that we can have adequate information about home and school performance. Medication refills every month without visits can be provided with physician approval. Please call 7 days in advance for refills. Written prescriptions for all stimulants are required. These cannot be phoned in due to federal regulations and concerns about abuse. Prescriptions can be mailed or picked up from our front desk. Please contact your doctor if you have any concerns about headaches, stomach aches, unusual movements or twitches that you see, or significant changes in mood or behavior.

Open seven days a week,  weekend appointments available.

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